Preserved hydrangea 2. choice - 1 head - Light pink

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Colour: light pink

Packaging: 1 head

Diameter: approx. 15 cm

Height: 12-15 cm

Stabilization technique: Absorption

Reference: 4-HRS-HOR

You will always get the exquisite blend of fragrance and scenic wonders with the stabilised hydrangea light pink flowers embellishment.

Buy Stabilised hydrangea Light pink online at For living room’s decorative flower pots that you want to showcase, the flower arrangement of stabilised light pink hydrangea flowers with a diameter of 15 cm is best, because it will evoke not just the beauty of light pink hue it has, but also the pleasant essence that will stimulate the imagery, evoked by the delicate scent emanating from hydrangeas. A spectacular visual impact established by the solid, spinning forms of the hydrangeas actually makes this model piece a complete game changer.

Product Description

This beautiful flower head is made from stabilised light pink hydrangea real flowers. They do not change their color and don’t fade with the time. They last longer than freshly cut flowers, approximately for 2-10 years. They are not at all artificial. All are handmade precisely of same sizes. Sizes may vary slightly in some cases.

Directions on care: 

Keep away from the high humidity and intense sunshine and can only be displayed indoors. Stop getting crushed, squeezed or folded. Plants preserved are 100% natural. They do not need any maintenance, no watering, no specific luminosity. For some years, they maintain their freshness and versatility. The flower would last for years if you follow the directions.

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